Companion Male


We can't all do " Great " Things;
But we can all do small things, with Great Love.


Hi I'm Peter Oscar and thank you for your visit. I am happy to be your male companion on this website and perhaps also in person.


What is a male companion?

The question should be "What do you require as a woman?".

I see my role as a versatile man capable of fulfilling your companion needs where you can feel safe, comfortable, enjoy yourself and spend time with a conscious man.



About Me

I am clear straightforward kind of guy, who will speak his mind honestly and tells it the way he sees it. I enjoy meaningful conversation and I also have a light-hearted approach to life :-)

My belief is that to evolve as a human being, it is essential that we regularly spend time in nature. I am a Gemini with aquarius rising and a pisces moon, all of which give me a light-hearted easy-going manner. I am a good listener, and attentive to one's needs. I am fit and enjoy being physical and outdoors. I love cooking and serving others. I love socialising, dinner parties and meeting interesting people. I love road-trips, travel, visiting new places, picnics, growing home grown produce etc.

My Passions Are:



Respect and honouring people


An anthropologist proposed a game to African tribe kids. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told them that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, when the anthropologist asked why they all held hands they answered, how could any one us enjoy the fruit if we had it all to ourselves?


How does this work?

Actually this is really all about you and I get pleasure from enriching your life, so whatever it is that you are passionate about is what is important here. There is no definite way that this has to work. This arrangement we might make could be for a week, a month or a lifetime.

What does it cost?

Cost is dependent on the arrangement we make and I am always happy to be generous.

What is a Male Companion?

A male companion is a companion for a woman who needs a versatile and capable male companion. Such a male companion can help with whatever a woman needs from helping look after grandchildren to travel, or simply changing a light bulb.
A male companion can be there just to chat and to listen to you.
Your own male companion could pick up groceries, handle physical work around the house, in fact you could have a list of chores for your male companion, unlike a partner that perhaps never got these things done!
A male companion could live in or live close by... You could travel with a male companion.
A male companion could drive a motorhome. With a male companion you would feel safe as you would have your own male companion at your side. Perhaps your male companion could help you run your business.
Anything is possible, maybe you are passionate about a humanitarian project that your male companion could help you develop and run.
A male companion and yourself might have a lot in common, so the sky is the limit, just think how much a like-minded male companion would enhance the your life thus leading to growth for us both.
A true male companion would watch his manners at all times, your male companion would be a gentleman and make sure you are treated like a lady at all times.
Your male companion would have a good imagination always coming up with ways to make you happy and feel like a spoilt woman.
A male companion would be patient at the shops and have a good eye for what looks great on you.
Your male companion would be strong and capable of carrying the shopping, suitcases, and other heavy items. A versatile male companion would be able to light a campfire, pitch a tent, fix your vehicle etc.
How good would it be to have your male companion chop firewood and make sure the fireplace has wood next to it at all times and the fire is lit every night before the sun went down...
Your male companion would be capable of organising dinner parties as your male companion would be there to serve the guests and leave you to enjoy the company of your guests...
A male companion who is confident and complete within himself will always give you the space you need with the benefit of being able to call on your male companion at any time.
So to fulfill all your needs, email or call your personal male companion now, at